Welcome to the Region 1 2017 Summit

Located in Madison, Indiana at the Clifty Falls Inn from June 9-11 2017

Greetings Region One, Starfleet International:

My apologies for the delay with getting the R1 summit website out. I alone have to take the blame for this lateness as the information I had to gather took me longer than I expected plus 2 early arrivals to my life, my god daughter and a granddaughter besides just life in general.

Now for R1 summit 2017, Rage at the River in scenic Madison Indiana. I chose this location because of Madison's nice historic and scenic location and it has the option of making a trip to this summit more cost effective for those who enjoy camping as well. Since the location is Clifty Falls State Park, the camping is inexpensive for those members who can camp and perhaps open the door to those who would like to attend a summit for the first time but have been financially unable to attend. The summit will be held at Clifty Falls Inn at the park.

Currently, I am working on some new things we have not had in summits past. One is bringing a local Star Trek band to our summit for entertainment. Also, this year I have managed to obtain a rare Star Trek Klingon prop; the famed Klingon assassin rifle from ST:VI Undiscovered Country, as well as various other weapon props for auction. There will be many other items for your bidding pleasure as well. I and the USS Drakonia are working on a special surprise event; that I know will be of special interest to SFMC marines and they will want to be part of.

I also have 2 fundraisers planned during the weekend. One is the 169th MSG Officer's Mess casino where you can gamble away to raise money for the R1 Space Camp fund, and a drag race for the R1 fund that helps members in need. You can register your personal cars the day of the event, and/or purchase a car from our store, if you don't have one of your own. I am also working on a patch that can be purchased from our store for those who like a little memento from the summit this year.

If you have questions or problems, please feel free to contact me at my email We look forward to seeing many of you at this year's R1 summit.

Colonel Bryan Detamore

XO USS Gorkon NX-40512

R1 2017 Summit Coordinator